Canton Community Kindergarten Preschool

A place where learning and playing go hand in hand


Canton Community Kindergarten Preschool is one of the longest running preschools in the area.  Opened in 1967, it has been running continuously since then.  We are currently seeing a new generation of children.  Parents that were here as children are now sending their own children to CCK.  They want their children to feel the love and care that they remember as preschool students.  We take into consideration the child's needs and the wishes of each parent to create a caring, loving, nuturing atmosphere for his or her child.  We realize that no two children are the same; therefore, each child receives the individual attention he or she needs. 

     Our prekindergarten curriculum is one of the finest and most inclusive around.  We meet with the public kindergarten teachers to ensure that our curriculum will benefit our students and give them the best start for years to come.  While we believe that play is our main mission, we create an atmosphere that is inclusive for learning as well as fun.

      CCK preschool curriculum includes:

  • social skills
  • arts and crafts
  • math
  • social studies
  • music
  • science
  • cooking
  • role play 
  • literature                                                
  • fine and gross motor skills                                                       



      CCK preK curriculum include:

Engage in interactive play.

Dramatic play with peers, with a variety  of roles.

Develop a positive self image.

Develop a sensitivity of needs to others.

Develop sustaining friendships.

Use language to solve problems with conflicts.

Use language to describe own activities and needs.

Practice gross motor skills, such as: balancing, hopping, jumping, climbing, using a swing independently.

Complete complex puzzle.

Cut with scissors successfully.

Count objects 1-10.

Know names of days of the week, months in order and understand the concept of clocks and calendars.

Follow directions involving spatial relations, such as: in, on on top, between, under, in front of, behind, etc.

Recall the main idea and events in a story.

Learn many songs.

Rhyme simple words.

Recognize all uppercase letters and numerals from 1 to 10.

Recognize lowercase letters in own name.

Write first name using capital and lowercase letters.

Recognize last name.

Draw simple, recognizable pictures.

Draw a line, circle,  cross and square.

Through play, stories, songs, group activities, projects, and practice, the children will be working on these skills.